Skilled Nursing Facility Administrator-in-Training Course

The training program has two parts, self study and “hands-on” experiences in a skilled nursing facility as an Administrator-in-Training (AIT). As an AIT you will have the guidance of a preceptor who is an effective administrator.

  • Self-Study Assignments are contained in a training manual that is available on a CD. The manual describes all of the requirements to obtain an Idaho administrator’s license and provides guidelines for working through the Study Guide. The training program includes a Study Guide written by the National Board of Examiners that helps you to prepare for the national examination required to be an administrator.
  • AIT training is also described in the manual. You will be required to self-assess your abilities to perform as an administrator using the self-assessment instruments provided. The self-assessments that you will discuss with your preceptor will serve as the basis for your AIT training.
  • Extra Help: Experienced administrators will be available to help with any questions as you go through the program.
  • Cost: Total Program cost, including manual and study guide, is $500 for members and $750 for non-members. Please call IHCA-ICAL for more information about how to register for this course - 208-343-9735.